Weight Watchers Diet Plan 2020


Below is new Weight Watchers diet plan coming called myWW. The myWW programme was nearly two years in the making. It’s based on extensive research into what members want and need to be successful, along with insights and trends from around the globe cross-checked by our Global Science team.

All three plans were tried and tested with almost 20,000 members globally through interviews, concept testing, pilots, and clinical trials.

Weight Watchers Diet Plan 2020

What is Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers program is considered to be one of the oldest and the most effective dieting programs out in the market today. The dieting program was introduced to the public in 1963 by founder, Jean Nidetch in New York City. The program’s main aim was to introduce exercise and healthier eating options to people who wanted to lose weight and for those who wanted to start living healthier lifestyles.

Weight Watchers is a constantly evolving weight loss program that aims to create new and better dieting plans to meet the varying health needs of dieters. In 2010, Weight Watchers introduced a new dieting regime called the Plus Points Program. The Plus Points Program is a regime that requires every dieter to account and monitor their carbohydrate, fat, calorie and fiber intakes. The program also encourages dieters to make smarter eating options and food choices by promoting foods that are more packed with nutrients and with lesser caloric content.

The Plus Points Program is currently attracting a lot of attention among health experts as it gives dieters more flexible dieting options compared to any other weight loss regime in the market. The program lets dieters eat a wide variety of foods, for as long as they stay within the recommended daily intake allowance. And unlike most of the dieting regimes that are out in the market today, the Plus Points Program encourages dieters to exercise regularly and to live a more active lifestyle.

By monitoring the amount of calories you take in, you’ll know just how much calories you need to burn and lose weight in the process. The program also encourages dieters to eat certain kinds of foods helps speed up their metabolism and hasten the process of weight loss even more. Fiber-rich foods for instance, can help suppress your appetite and make you feel full for longer periods of time. Fiber can also aid in proper digestion and cleanses your digestive system for more efficient nutrient absorption. Weight Watchers’ Plus Points Program has created a point system that gives dieters “Plus Points” for each time that they eat the recommended types of foods.

What’s myWW and what’s new in Weight Watchers 2020?

With the new WW, there will be three options for all members. Members will be asked to complete a personal assessment that will match them to the best plan for them based on lifestyle, preferences, and goals. This will be the Weight Watchers suggested plan, but members can choose any plan they believe will work for them.

  • Blue Plan (formerly known as Freestyle Smartpoints plan): This option is basically the exact same as the Freestyle Smartpoints plan that most people are using now. There are over 200 zero point foods including fruit, non-starchy vegetables, chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, shellfish, legumes, nonfat dairy, tofu, and tempeh. There is a minimum daily points allowance of 23 points, which will adjust up based on weight, lifestyle, and activity. There will also be weekly points and Fitpoints. Essentially, if you choose the blue plan, you are choosing to use WW in the same way it is now.
  • Green Plan (similar to Beyond the Scale Smartpoints): This option brings back the Smartpoints from the previous Weight Watchers plan. On this plan, there are less zero point foods. It mostly includes fruits and non-starchy vegetables. With this plan, the daily points allowance is higher. It will start at 30 Smartpoints daily. This plan also comes with weeklies and Fitpoints.
  • Purple Plan (similar to Simply Filling/Core): This plan has the most zero point foods, with over 300 including chicken breast, turkey breast, eggs, seafood, shellfish, tofu, tempeh, legumes, fruits, vegetables including potatoes and corn, and some whole grains including whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and oatmeal. However, it has the lowest amount of daily points. The minimin is 16 points and will be higher based on weight, goals, and lifestyle.  This also includes weeklies and Fitpoints.

Download Weight Watchers Diet Plan myWW

Download Below 7 Day myWW Diet Plan With Shopping List in PDF.


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