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Can Your Diet Be Dangerous?

Tamarind: “I immediately stopped eating. I suddenly became very restless. My mouth began to burn and my tongue became swollen. My head began to feel dizzy and my breathing became difficult. My arms and the rash came on my neck, but I tried my best to control myself. Because I knew I had to get to the hospital as soon as possible. ”

Many people are very fond of food and drink, but some people are forced to abstain from certain foods because, like Emily, they are allergic to certain foods. Emily is very allergic. It was severe, but the good news is that most food allergies are not as severe. The number of such people has increased in the last few years. People who think they are allergic to certain foods or their stomach can’t tolerate these things, but research has shown that only a few of them actually have allergies.

Why Are You Allergic To Certain Foods?

A report published in the American Medical Journal states that “experts have differing opinions on food allergies.” But most experts agree that allergies, Triggered by the immune system (the system that fights disease).

Allergies to food and drink are caused by the protein in that food. The immune system mistakenly thinks that this protein is harmful to the body, so when this protein enters the body. The immune system makes an antibody (a type of protein) called immunoglobulin E. This antibody fights against the protein entering the body. Then when a person eats the food again, I think they contain protein. So this antibody makes some chemicals, including a chemical called histamine.

In general, histamine plays a useful role in the immune system, so experts still do not understand why people develop allergy symptoms due to the formation of immunoglobulin E and then histamine. This information makes it clear that when a person eats a portion of food for the first time, he or she may not be allergic. But when he eats the same food again, he becomes allergic.

Why Can’t The Stomach Tolerate Some Food?

The way some people are allergic to certain foods. Similarly, there are some people whose stomach cannot tolerate certain things to eat and drink. This problem is related to the digestive system, not the immune system. Therefore, it does not make any antibodies. In fact, indigestion may be due to a lack of enzymes or a certain chemical in the food, which is not easily absorbed by the stomach. An example of this is that some people cannot digest the sugar in milk, because their stomachs do not produce the enzymes that are needed to digest the sugar in dairy products.

Because when food is not digested, antibodies are not formed. Therefore, the symptoms appear only when a person eats a portion of food for the first time. Sometimes it happens that the stomach digests a small amount of that food, but if it is eaten in large quantities. On the contrary, for those who are allergic to any food or drink, even a small amount of it can be fatal.

Milk, Eggs, Prawns, Soybeans, Fish, Peanuts, Fruits, Wheat


Symptoms of food allergies can include Swelling of the throat, eyes or tongue, rashes, itching, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. People with severe allergies may they may have very low blood pressure, they may feel dizzy, they may faint, and even their heart may stop beating. These allergy symptoms can get worse very quickly, and Death can also be fatal.

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