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Specific Phobia, Causes and Symptoms

People with anxiety and fear do not talk about these feelings to anyone, not even family or close friends. The person with this problem will look dizzy and stressed and will be much more shocked by the usual sounds such as a doorbell or a car horn. They tend to be irritable, and this can lead to arguments with people close to them. Especially when they have no idea why the patient is not able to do certain things. Although friends and family understand the pain caused by anxiety, they find all these worries to be unfounded.

Anxiety and phobia in children:

Most children get scared sometimes for some reason. This is normal during development. For example, young children become accustomed to their caregivers, and if for some reason they become estranged from them, the children become very upset and nervous. Many children are afraid of darkness or ghosts. These fears usually go away as they get older, and do not affect children’s lives or development. Most children are scared of important events like the first day of school, but later this fear disappears and they become accustomed to this new situation and start enjoying it.

Helping People With Anxiety And Phobias:

The mood of young people often changes. The reasons for their worries may be different. For example, how they look, what other people think of them, how they relate to people in general, and how they relate to the opposite sex in particular. These problems can be overcome by talking about them. However, if these problems get worse, more people may realize that they are not performing well in school, that their behavior has changed, or that they are not physically fit.

If a child or young person feels that anxiety, panic, or fear are ruining their life, they should consult a family doctor.

Talking About The Problem:

This can be helpful if the problem is urgent. For example, separation from spouse, child sickness, or job loss. Who to talk to? Talk to friends or relatives you trust, value your opinion, and listen to you well. They may have gone through similar problems or they may have known someone who has been through the same situation. Along with the opportunity to talk, we can also find out how other people have had such problems.

Learn To Be Calm:

Learning a specific way to stay calm can be helpful in overcoming anxiety and worry. This can also be learned in the case of groups. With the help of experts, and also through books and videotapes, we can learn these methods ourselves. This process has a real benefit when it is done regularly, rather than only when the person is suffering from a problem.


This is a more comprehensive way of communicating, which can help us to understand these causes of anxiety. Which we have not yet recognized. This procedure can be done individually or in groups and is usually done on a weekly basis for several weeks or months. Psychotherapists may or may not be doctors.


Medications can also be used to treat some people with anxiety and phobias. Common sedatives include William-like drugs (mostly sleeping pills, belonging to this type of medicine). These drugs are very effective in relieving anxiety. However, keep in mind that with just four weeks of regular use, a person can become accustomed to them, and when people try to quit. So they face unpleasant symptoms, which can last for a long time. The use of these drugs for long-term treatment of anxiety is not appropriate.


Antidepressants can be used to treat anxiety as well as depression (for which they are usually prescribed). Some of these medications have specific effects on certain types of anxiety. One of the downsides is that they take effect in two to four weeks and can result in nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, and constipation. Read our booklet on antidepressants for more information.

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