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Fresh Air And Sunlight, Natural Antibiotics

Scientists discovered drugs around the 1930s that could control the germs that spread the disease. These drugs are called antibiotics. Doctors hoped that some of these diseases would be completely eradicated. I thought they were living up to their expectations, but they found that overuse could lead to germs that didn’t work.

Therefore, some scientists are reconsidering the methods used in the past to prevent diseases, one of which is the use of fresh air and sunlight.

A Method Tried For Centuries:

Two or three centuries ago, some doctors in England insisted that sunlight and fresh air were useful for treatment, for example, Dr. John Lettsum (1744-1815) suggested that Sea breeze and sunlight are very helpful for children with TB. In 1840, surgeon George Boddington observed that people who work outdoors, such as farmers, shepherds, etc., are generally they do not get TB, but people who work indoors most of the time are more likely to get TB.

Benefits of Sunlight:

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) was a nurse who cared for British soldiers wounded in the Crimean War, during which time she introduced some new methods of nursing. He told the doctors: “When you go into someone’s room at night or in the morning before the window opens, you must have noticed that the room smells very bad and He added: “I learned two important things while caring for patients. First, they need to have fresh air in their room, and second, they need light. Also needed. Not of any such light, but of sunlight. ”Many people at that time also believed that hanging bed sheets and clothes in the sun had a good effect on the health of the patient.

There have been many advances in science since the 19th century, but modern research has shown that sunlight and fresh air are good for health, for example, a 2011 study in China showed that “College hostels that do not have good ventilation are more prone to respiratory illnesses.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that in order to prevent diseases, it is important that buildings have a system in place that allows fresh air to enter every part of the building. The report suggested that adequate ventilation arrangements be made in hospitals to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

How do sunlight and fresh air prevent the spread of disease? ”

Natural antiseptic

To answer these questions, let’s look at the research done by the British Ministry of Defense. Scientists have tried to find out if there is a dangerous bacterium in London. If a bomb is detonated, how long will these germs stay in the air? To do this, they did an experiment. They put the germs on the cobwebs and left them in the open air. The experiment was done at night because they knew that such germs die in sunlight.

What were the results of this experiment?

About two hours later, almost all the germs died, but when the germs were kept in the box at the same place and at the same temperature, most of the germs survived after two hours. There was a reason. It seems that for some reason germs die in the open air. Scientists do not fully understand why this happens. But research has shown that fresh air contains natural chemicals that act as antiseptics. Sunlight also has antimicrobial properties, according to the Journal of Hospital Infections. “

So how can you benefit from natural antibiotics such as fresh air and sunlight? For this, you can go out and get fresh air, and enjoy the sunlight for a reasonable amount of time. It will be very beneficial for your health.

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