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Diabetes, How Can You Avoid It?

Diabetes is spreading like a plague all over the world.

There are two types of this disease:

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes usually begins in childhood and doctors do not yet know how to prevent it.

In this article we will talk about the second type of diabetes, about 90% of people with diabetes suffer from this type of diabetes.

In the past, it has been observed that people with type 2 diabetes only get older, but recently it has been observed that children are also affected by it. It can be reduced to. You may benefit from having some information about the disease. *

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes, also known as diabetes, is a disease in which the amount of glucose in the blood increases. Blood sugar usually reaches the cells that need energy, but in diabetes this process does not work properly, causing damage to some parts of the body, as well as impaired blood circulation, which in some cases causes the patient’s toes, toes. Or have to cut the whole foot. The patient may be blind or have kidney disease. Many diabetics die of a heart attack or stroke.

The Cause Of Type 2 Diabetes:

Too much body fat can be a major cause of type 2 diabetes, and experts believe that having too much fat around the abdomen and waist increases the risk of developing diabetes, especially in the pancreas and liver. Fat affects the process of glucose reaching the body.

How Can You Avoid The Risk Of Diabetes?

Three ways to reduce your risk of diabetes

  1. If you are at risk for diabetes, get your blood sugar checked. Before having type 2 diabetes, a person often has pre-diabetes, in which the blood sugar is a little higher than normal. This condition and type 2 diabetes are both harmful, but there is a difference between them. In type 2 diabetes, blood sugar levels can be controlled, but at the moment the disease cannot be cured. However, it has been found that some pre-diabetic patients bring their blood sugar levels back to normal. The symptoms of pre-diabetes are not so obvious. Millions of people have pre-diabetes and most of them don’t even know it, for example in the United States about 90% of people with pre-diabetes don’t know they have it.

Pre-diabetes can lead to other types of diabetes, but it has recently been shown that it also increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. If you are overweight, you are physically active. If you do not live or someone in your family has diabetes, you may have pre-diabetes, so get your blood tested.

Eat A Healthy Diet.

There are many benefits to following these tips:

Eat less than usual. Don’t drink beverages that contain too much sugar or carbon dioxide gas. Drink water, tea, or coffee instead. Instead of white flour or rice, include pure wheat in your diet. Use rice and pasta, eat lean meats and fish, nuts, pulses, and beans, Salad; A man weighs himself on a machine.


Exercising can lower your blood sugar and prevent you from gaining weight. One doctor suggested that instead of watching TV, Exercise late.

It is true that if you have diabetes in your family, you may have it, but making some lifestyle changes can help you avoid it to some extent. The more you try to keep it right, the more you will benefit.

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