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Take Some Safety Steps to Take care of Yourself

If you feel that the water you get through the pipe is contaminated, boil it well before using it or use a water purifier. When you use chlorine or any other medicine, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

How to use Purify Water

If standard filters are available in your country, and you can buy them, use them to purify water.

If no water purifier or filter is available. Then mix homemade bleach in water. Mix only two drops in a liter of water, then shake it well and leave it for 30 minutes. Then use it. Always keep water in clean containers or bottles, so that it does not become contaminated again. Also, make sure that everything you use to get the water out of the pot is clean.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands before holding water containers or bottles, and do not put your hands or fingers in the drinking water.

Be Careful In Eating

All kinds of healthy food

For good health, it is important to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, taking care not to consume too much salt, fat, and sugar, and not overeating at the same time. Be sure to include fruits and vegetables in your diet and try not to eat the same foods every day. Red flour bread is more fibrous than white flour bread. Similarly, double bread with red flour, Oatmeal, and pasta are more fibrous and nutritious than flour, so read the information on them carefully when you buy them, so you can see if they are made from red flour or flour. To get protein, eat meat that is not high in fat. Also, be careful not to overeat. If possible, eat fish once or twice a week. In some countries In addition to meat, people also use products made from grains to get protein.

Cooking Oil:

If you eat a lot of fatty and sweet foods, you can become obese, so use water instead of sweet drinks and fruits instead of sweet dishes. Meat, butter, Eat less cheese, cakes, and biscuits, as they are also high in fat, and it is better to use good oil than to use ghee or fat for cooking.

Too much salt in your diet can cause high blood pressure, which can be harmful. So be sure to check the amount of salt on the label.

It’s not just about what kind of food you eat. It is also important to see how much you eat. Enjoy your meal, but do not overeat.

If food is not cooked properly or stored properly, it can lead to food poisoning, which can lead to severe stomach upset and vomiting, according to the World Health Organization. Most people recover quickly, but some die because of it.

What Can You Do To Prevent It?

  • Vegetables often grow in composted soil, so wash them thoroughly before use.
  • Before cutting vegetables or meat, wash your hands, knife, utensils, and the area where you will be cutting them. Use warm, soapy water. Do not place cooked food in a place or plate where you previously placed eggs, raw meat, or fish. Wash the area or plate thoroughly first.
  • Cook until the food is well melted, and if you do not eat immediately, refrigerate.
  • If your room temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. And if the food has been lying in the room for 2 hours, throw it away, but if the air temperature has risen above 32 degrees Celsius, then throw away the food only after 1 hour.

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