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How Can The Risk Of Contracting An Epidemic Be Reduced?

The Ebola virus spread rapidly throughout South Africa in 2014 and news of it spread around the world, and a campaign was launched by the offices of Jehovah’s Witnesses in those areas, through which many learned Representatives of Jehovah’s Witnesses were asked how they could deal with the virus.

People Are Being Taught How To Avoid Disease.

How did you make people feel about the seriousness of the situation?

We conducted special programs in public places to allay people’s fears and anxieties, through which we told people how the virus spreads and what steps they could take to stay safe.

Hand washing

We used to check the body temperature of all the people who came to our places of worship. For this, we used thermometers, which measure the temperature of the body through certain types of rays. We all touch each other. We avoided hugging or shaking hands, and washed our hands several times a day.

A telephone

In some areas, the government has banned people from leaving their homes and no one else in the area, so we have not held meetings in our places of worship for some time. In those areas, each family worshiped in their own home.

A Calendar

What did you do when someone showed signs of Ebola?

We would inform the relevant government agency if someone was living around an Ebola patient, attending a funeral of a person who had died from it, or showing signs of the disease. He was completely separated from the others for 21 days. Because if he had the Ebola virus in his body, his symptoms would appear during this period.

When the stomach can’t tolerate anything, the symptoms are usually less dangerous than the allergy symptoms.

Abdominal pain, bloating, gas, convulsions, headaches, skin rashes or fatigue, and restlessness. Milk, wheat, gluten (protein in wheat flour), alcohol, and yeast.


If you think you have a food allergy or your stomach can’t stand it, check with a specialist. If you start avoiding certain foods without consulting a doctor If so, it can be detrimental to you. Because this way your body will not get some of the essential nutrients, such as vitamins and proteins.

There is no specific treatment for people who have severe food allergies, except to avoid foods that cause allergies, but people who have more severe allergies. Those who do not have or whose stomach can tolerate small amounts of food may use these foods occasionally and in small amounts, but some cases a person may be able to consume them whole or for a short period of time. He has to abstain from food, which his stomach cannot digest.

So if you’re allergic to something to eat or your stomach can’t stand it, don’t despair. Because many people with this problem have seen that they can enjoy many foods that are both delicious and healthy.

Some Important Steps:

Help others without purpose. For example, if your neighbor is sick, you may be able to cook for him or you may be able to help an elderly person with household chores.

Take care of your thinking in the same way as a gardener. Get rid of the poisonous thorns of despair from your mind and sow the seeds of positive thinking in it. Then fertilize this seed, that is, do good deeds. That is, our thinking and mood have a really big impact on our lives.

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