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Joint Pain, Treatment And Symptoms

There are many types of painkillers today. It is difficult to imagine what would have happened to the sick in the past.

In recent years, our knowledge of why pain occurs has also increased. Thus came to know the two chemical methods by which pain is not only protected, but also relieved. We have known for a long time that our skin and internal organs are the tiny millions of microscopic places that feel pain in the body, they actually act as the first line of defense, and are so sensitive, that any harm, the juices are awakened by the stimulus. When they are awakened by an injury, trauma, or movement, they transmit signals through the nerves to the brain. The brain interprets the meaning of these signals, and its status is determined in the form of pain.


Medical experts have also discovered that when these sensitive areas are stimulated, and they wake up, a chemical substance “P” is produced from here. This chemical enters the bloodstream and circulates throughout the body. When this chemical reaches the brain, it intensifies the sensation of pain in the body, in other words, the pain begins to be felt even at the lowest level of pain. Even minor pain can be severe. Some medical experts now believe that some types of pain feel more severe simply because the chemical effects of these substances increase the sensation of pain, such as joint pain, half a sis of pain. Or migraine headaches are popular.

How to Relief Pain:

These chemicals are now known as “endorphins” for complete detection and identification. It is speculated that the popular Chinese method of acupuncture, called “acupuncture”, relieves pain because it stimulates and strengthens the brain’s own immune system. Painkillers absorb chemicals into sensitive areas of the brain, blunting them, and thus relieving pain.

Some people’s pain is also relieved by pills that do not have a painkiller or any kind of medicine, but the patient is convinced that this item is a cure for him. This healing effect is probably due to the fact that the power of belief stimulates the internal immune system, and this pain disappears. This is probably the effect of the actions of some spiritual practitioners, who, once convinced that they will be cured, are sometimes cured, that the power of faith activates this system internally. One in three people who have pain gets better without medication.

Joint pain or inflammation:

Joint pain or inflammation of the joints and arthritis is unknowingly considered the only disease, although pain is only an expression of pain, and damage and trauma to the joints of the body can occur for a variety of reasons. They also swell with pain from the injury. Tuberculosis germs also attack and cause inflammation and joint pain. Seen in this light, there may be a long list of causes that can cause joint pain, but there are a few causes that are often overlooked. Not only is there pain in the joints, but there is also severe inflammation in the joints, and inflammation is pain, redness, stiffness, and swelling, such as pain in the eyes or swelling in the throat.

Rheumatoid arthritis:

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common diseases of the joints, which is a disease of boyhood and occurs before the age of fifteen. These children often have sore throats before joint pain, a disease that often occurs in areas where there is a difficulty, coolness, tight living space, and consequently poor quality of general health. What is special about these joint problems is that these joints are affected one after the other. The disease mainly affects the inner windows of the heart, which are located between different cells of the heart, but unqualified physicians are not aware that the heart is affected. And this condition can lead to severe heart disease in the future.

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